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over rain across the eastern shore. temperatures right now, a 47 in washington 39 in hagerstown, 47 at quantico. 20 degrees colder in washington 26 degrees colder in hagerstown. we will keep its cool and chill throughout the evening. the wins will diminish a bit, clear skies, frosty temperatures. >> east coast -- the man accused in the long list of assaults was expected to enter a guilty plea in prince william county. but he changed his mind when you went in front of the judge. >> he was set to plead guilty to five felony charges stemming from an incident in prince william county in 2009. when he did not follow through his defense attorney seemed genuinely surprised. the prosecution was not. [no audio] okay, karen thomas stood in court today and said that he did not -- aaron thomas stood in court today and said he did not know which was right or wrong. we did speak with the prosecution. the commonwealth's attorney said he was not surprised by this behavior. he said he had been acting erratically all long. this stems from an incident in 2009 when police say that thomas had abducted t
to you. >> george washington university has fallen off and nationalist of the best colleges in the country. >> twilight fans react to this series grande valley. >> the build where express lanes opening up this weekend. how much it will ultimately cost >> the final movie of the is out thisies weekend. went with all the biggest friends. >> i was the only man in the theater. a battledon builds to shocking twists. a great move for a series that jolt.eded a battle puts energy into the grand finale. kristen stewart is a newly vampire and mother to hum half-vampire child. taylor lautner whose abs fans o watch returns. they go to satisfy the mostly female crowd. >> vampires and fantasy. >> this was a big finale. am kind of sad because i can't see it anymore. >> breaking don concludes one of successful franchises. the weekend best bet is lincoln, skyfall. also opening this weekend, silver lining playbook. if you love this series, you will love this movie. it does and really well with lots of action. >> you have convinced me. >> he needs to see it for the half human child. >> i had a
at quantico, 56 in fredericksburg. we're in a 50's in washington. overnight it will get colder. you'll see a steady drop tonight through the overnight. 37 for the average temperature. it will be cloudy. we cannot rule out a sprinkle or few flurries. nothing more than that. cool weather and unseasonably cool south through the carolinas and a pocket of air, the leftover of the circulation in the great lakes. even though the circulation is to the north, we have some upper air disturbances. he might be able to pick out some rotating through here. it is definitely breezy tomorrow and saturday. one of those pieces of energy is ripping through and we have some sprinkles and showers. we could have a few flurries but sunshine will wait until the weekend for all this to the south and we get into this air mass, not really any warmer but ity air and it will feature some sunshine. here is the way the computer model assimilates the atmosphere. lots of clouds through the day. some snow showers possible in the mountains and you see the darkening here and the clearing skies. that is where we're hopeful eve
they are feeling on the day after. >> one thing we can agree on in the washington area is those campaign ads. someone came up to me and said they were just so happy it was over. >> gm calls romney's ad "politics at its cynical worst." >> during every break, there they were, the finger-pointing the negativity, over and over again. >> obama quietly ended work requirements for welfare. >> there are six dozen campaign ads. i am so glad. >> it was not just the noise heard on tv and radio. >> we are glad we will not get our mailbox stuffed with political campaign mail. >> one place voters sounded off was online. social media sites like twitter and facebook. >> i am just really, really glad it is over. >> online you could still learn what your friends bought about candidates, and at times it could get ugly. >> it makes you mad. you do not want to be mad at your friend for their political via. >> some $6 billion is estimated to have been spent on just election ads. >> you know, the campaign is over. >> speaking of these campaign ads, how much did each campaign spend to get your vote? one washington
to the about paula broadwell. >> she was supposed to be in washington this weekend for a 40th birthday party for her brother. she may be subpoenaed to come to d.c. to answer questions about the petraeus affair. this was apparently intended for them to see. dad loves a mom. when news broke of the affair, the radiologist scott, and his wife moved to little washington, virginia. now, the family is in seclusion at of congress investigate whether laws were broken between paula broadwell and david petraeus. >> he has had many hurdles in his life. have been many assignments worked they thought it was a disaster. >> she often accompanied him on military aircraft and went in afghanistan, "she would stay for several weeks or more in the special headquarters in kabul where she would have not been reserved a special quarters reserved for visiting dignitaries." did taxpayers foot the bill? the senate intelligence committee sources we spoke to say they do not know the answer yet but plan to find out. pentagon officials did not return a call. congressional investigators also want to know more about classi
love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >> this is abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> if the early -- early voting lines are any indication what tomorrow is going to be like get ready. >> officials are getting ready now, getting the polling places ready for the big day. >> as you saw from those pictures, it is definitely crunch time for many of the politicians right now, but also for workers at polling stations, including this one right here in alexandria. workers at the thousands of polling stations began prepping for the first boats in just about 12 hours. >> it is going to be a long day. >> maryland and d.c. election officials hope this year's early voting will mean shorter lines on election day. prince george's county alone had 70,000 people cast voting. a similar story in the district where 10% of the eligible voters have already cas
. the clouds are taking over in response to the next system. 45 in washington right now. it is going to keep the cold their sealed into the surface. it is going to be chilly tonight and chilly in the morning. tomorrow morning, at 29-35 degrees. it will be a cold day. the transfer to keep this system farther offshore. it looks like that will stay the case. it will graze our area. we're going to get off easy. unfortunately, the people across new york city, long island, long island sound, rhode island are going to be hit pretty hard again. damaging surge and some flooding as well. we're just far enough from the western fringes that we will catch a little bit of a break. there is no precipitation close to the area. r futurecast shows the cloud cover precipitation. we will take appear tomorrow during the day. precipitation just offshore, today, its days. chilly. -- it stays pretty chilly. that will continue late tonight into thursday morning. the system finally pulls out and by late thursday morning, the sunshine will be back. it will be cold. but very nice spring days will follow. blustery in th
are a smoker. >> but those who grew up along this river like angelo washington -- >> i have not gotten sick. >> if you catch a big one, you will cook it? but i sure will. >> do you think that is what people do? >> i do, because they take them home. i do not think they take them home to throw them away. >> studies show that many who are eating the fish are poor people. the environmentalists have talked about buying healthy fish and exchanging them with anglers willing to throw back the finished they have caught. abc7 news. >> i guess we have to wait and see if anyone does turn green. won virginia's school is doing what it can to help people affected by hurricane sandy. students collected items and to distribute it to students in rutherford, new jersey. they fill a truck with items like diapers and close. teachers will be helping to unload those donations. >> it is hard to imagine -- three weeks after? all month after? >> three weeks and four days. almost three weeks. quiet, a little chilly. we will take that. for the middle of november, this is great. >> and a game day. >> let's look at the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8